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Welcome to my practicum website! My name is Kim Moseman and I am a sophomore journalism/public relations major. I am a writer for The Odyssey Online and the SU Flyer. I work as a Resident Assistant on campus and have previously worked as an intern for the PR firm Newsmaker Group. I am currently enrolled in CMAT 249-001, journalism/public relations practicum where I intern at Salisbury University’s Career Services.

This website is meant to document and record my journey with Career Services. My logs can be found on the home page. In these logs I recall the work I do at Career Services. Attached to each log is a sample of the work I’ve completed.

For any further information on my practicum experience, please contact me at


May 5th Log

Hours worked: 2 hours

Description: Today was a very bittersweet day because it was my last day here at Career Services. I have completed all of my hours as of today. I brought in cookies for everyone who works here as a way of thanking them for being so welcoming. I also wrote Ms. Crystal a thank you card and got her a necklace and flower plant. I helped Jasmine organize a game that Career Services will take over to a Fruitland elementary school. I also continued to call employers from my Excel sheet and left a few messages. I wrote Ms. Crystal an email explaining where I left off in the document and if she has any questions about my latest work, to contact me.

Reflection: I am very sad to be leaving Career Services. This has been such a wonderful practicum experience. I hope everyone at Career Services knows how thankful I am for how welcoming they all have been. I have learned a lot about event planning since working here. I have taken a lot of this experience and I hope to come back and work for Career Services in some way in the up coming year.

May 4th Log

Hours Worked: 3 hours

Description: Today I resumed my work from yesterday. I called a few more employers but I mainly just left messages. I kept getting forwarded to other numbers and other people. A few times, I was told just to go online and apply. Michelle told me that I should mention to the employers that Career Connections is free. I started mentioning that in my messages.

Reflection: I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day with Career Services. I am deeply saddened that I won’t get to work with Ms. Crystal and everyone else at Career Services anymore. I’m not sure if I will finish this Excel sheet tomorrow, but tomorrow is going to be a very sad day.

May 3rd Log

Hours Worked: 3 hours

Description: I had a little bit of a late start today, mainly because my computer took a long time to start. I worked in the classroom today. I started calling more employers and recorded better contact information. I was put on hold a lot but I was able to connect with a few more employers. Later this week, I will need to send emails to some of them, so I think I will construct an email tomorrow.

Reflection: I have found that I can usually get a lot more work done when I stay for 3 hours instead of 2. I wish I had figured this out when I had all of these job fairs to prepare for. But I still manage to get a lot of work done for Ms. Crystal. Since this is my last week at Career Services, I would really like to complete this task of calling and connecting with these employers.

Sample: Here is the updated Excel sheet

loyola job fair contact list

April 28th Log

Hours Worked: 3 hours

Description: Today Ms. Crystal gave me the “ok” on the script I had written. she was in meeting for most of today, so I just started calling employers from the big Excel sheet I completed yesterday. Most of the time I left messages on answering machines, but there were a few employers who asked for emails from Career Services in order to join our Career Connections database.

Reflection: Calling all of these employers really made my time here fly. I did not get very far in the list, but I need connect to a few employers who seemed very excited to connect with Career Services. I don’t mind talking on the phone, especially when I have a script in front of me. Most of the employers I call are very nice and willing to hear what I have to say.

Sample: Here is the Excel sheet once again. I added notes to the right column regarding if I called them. (LM means “left message”)

loyola job fair contact list


April 27th Log

Hours worked: 3 Hours

Description: I went back to working on the Excel sheet from last week. Yesterday, Ms. Crystal and I discussed adding a new column to the sheet that checked in there were Salisbury University Alumni in each organization/company. That way, I can connect more with the employers when I call them. I logged into my LinkedIn account and searched fro alumni under each company. I was surprised to find that most of these organizations had SU alumni.

Reflection: Yesterday I calculated my total hours for my practicum and realized that I would be short some hours by the end of next week. I got to Career Services 30 minutes early today and stayed 30 minutes late. I plan to do this for the rest of my practicum to help get my hours up. I know Ms. Crystal appreciates the extra work I am putting in. Tomorrow, Ms. Crystal and I will go over my script and I will start calling employers.

Sample: Here is the updated Excel Sheet:

loyola job fair contact list

April 26th Log

Hours Worked: 2 Hours

Description: Today I had a bit of a late start because Ms. Crystal had a meeting. I waited for her to return so we could talk about writing a script for when I call the employers from the Excel sheet I made last week. When we talked about the script, Ms. Crystal also told me that I could use my LinkedIn profile to find Salisbury Alumni who work for these employers. She said that would be a good way to connect with these employers and to interest them in making connections with SU Career Services.

Reflection: It’s interesting to me how important LinkedIn has become in the Career/Job world. I have an account but I never figured it would be useful here at Career Services. Tomorrow I am going to edit the Excel sheet and add whether or not there are SU alumni at these organizations. I think that will make it easier to connect with employers when I talk to them on the phone.

Sample: Here is the script that Ms. Crystal and I constructed:

Recruitment for Job Fairs Script

April 21st Log

Hours Worked: 2 hours

Description: Today I resumed my work from yesterday. I completed the Excel sheet of employers and their phone numbers. There were a few instances where I could not find a phone number, but I was usually able to find an email for a contact. Any sort of information I am missing, I am sure I can find it next week.

Reflection: It took me over a week to complete this task, but it was very extensive. Even though I have a phone number for each employer, I have still yet to contact them about future job fairs. I definitely plan to make a lot of phone calls next week. As the semester winds down and my practicum comes to an end, I am happy to be able to continue productivity here at Career Services.

Sample: Here is the finished excel sheet

loyola job fair contact list

April 20th Log

Hours Worked: 2 Hours

Description: Just like yesterday and the day before that, I continued working on the contact sheet from Loyola. I was able to get a lot more phone numbers down today, but did ended up leaving a few employers blank.

Reflection: I am excited because I am almost done my list of employers and should be able to finish tomorrow. There were a few names I left blank because they were acronyms and several companies came up when I searched them. I look forward to calling these companies next week.

April 19th Log

Hours Worked: 2 Hours

Description: Today was very relaxed. I continued my work from last week. I searched on Google and Bing for various company’s HRs and recruiters. I had more luck today as far as finding phone numbers and recording them in the Excel sheet. I also spent a great deal of time talking to Jasmine and Ms. Crystal about the end of the semester coming up.

Reflection: Today I was much more productive in my task. I decided that first I would find a phone number for each employer and record it into the Excel sheet. Then when I finish that next week, I will call each employer and ask for the contact information of their HR and recruiters. I talked to Ms. Crystal about this and she agreed this was a good idea.